A Piece from Ward…#12

Consider how your mental health impacts your daily living. Where is your frame of mind? Take a moment to connect the dots between your emotions and your thoughts. Contemplate how your spiritual health interacts with your mindset. Finally, examine for just a few seconds how your physical state from day-to-day can steer your self-perception. It’s not difficult to see very quickly that our thoughts are easily influenced.

For a lot of us the term mental health has extreme connotations. We jump quickly ideas of someone we know who we consider “needs therapy” at best all the way to scenes of Arkham Asylum at worst. I have been lucky enough to have had great professional counselors help me in my life. So, I consider the value of mental health professionals to be very high. But professional counseling not what I am talking about today. Our perception of mental health as individuals is a great place to begin in becoming healthier puzzle builders.

While media often shapes our views of an idea like mental health, we rarely take initiative and time to care for, train, or focus on helping ourselves have a plan for our own mental health. So many of our lives are in scattered pieces because we are not thinking as we tell ourselves we’d like to think. We are not thinking of ourselves as others think of us (this can be higher or lower). The idea of having sober judgement of our lives is lost on most of us.  Some of us over-estimate ourselves and we are optimistic to the point of fantasy. Some of us under-estimate ourselves and we find ourselves ruining perfect moments with pessimism. The results we desire in constructing our puzzle pieces, the order we’d enjoy the most, are sabotaged by our own thinking.

Our mental health is about keeping our mind and thoughts in a place of health, balance, and clarity. This practice as crucial as being balanced emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I encourage you to talk to 3 friends today, and ask them how they see your mental health. Do you tend to lean toward over or under appreciating your life? Do your thoughts remind your friends of Tigger or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? How do you think of yourself – emotionally, physically, mentally – do your thoughts need to be adjusted to truly match the pieces you want in your life? We need healthy thoughts to belong to one another. You are special, remember that!

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