A Piece from Ward…#9

Let us begin today by remembering that our Life in Pieces, our Puzzle, is in a constant state of change. We are experiencing new options and opportunities and the people we have allowed to be a piece in our lives are also making new decisions that impact us in large or small ways. Knowing this reality, how important is our need to grow in our puzzle placement skill set? How vital is our ability to continue to mature mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically as we daily interact with the pieces of life around us?

I believe one critical component of this reality is to stop thinking of ourselves as puzzle solvers – where we are trying to “finish” or get to some state of “completed” in life.  As we come to terms with the ever-changing nature of life in pieces, we can focus more on the process, the journey, and who we are becoming. We can enjoy change, challenge, and choices that seem complicated, but are really just chances to grow. Who you are as a man or woman, child, parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, or co-worker will depend so much on how you chose to respond to the pieces in life, both those you directly control and pieces you have little control over.

Today, clear your mind for a moment, and meditate on your typical daily approach. Is your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energy usually more focused on what you do or who you are? The vast majority of us are really caught up in doing – goal driven (goals are not a bad thing) to a point of exhaustion. Are you a human “being” or a human “doing” – I like to think of myself as a human being. But…do I really take the time to mature, grow, and stretch who I am as a person? These 4 basic elements of each man and woman are the threads that weave our life in pieces together. The outside edge of each puzzle piece that touches the others around it. These are the true elements of who we are that give balance to all the people and things that we care about. The converse, our lack of maturity in these areas shows itself in an imbalanced life. So, over the next 4 days I will begin to unpack some basics about emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical growth. These will be the foundations for the majority of my thoughts and contributions to life in pieces.  Let us be special today…and see the special in others.

2 thoughts on “A Piece from Ward…#9

  1. Carlos E. La Costa

    Ward, thank you and Ellen for being a piece of my puzzle (life). My puzzle looks better because of you. Thank you for the part you played and are playing now in my puzzle.

    Liked by 1 person

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