A Piece from Ward…#5

Have you seen “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”? The story of a boy as he moves into Middle School with all of its challenges – wanting more independence from parents, a big brother, a little brother, hormones, peer pressure, and an amazing ability to do and say the wrong things over and over again. It is a painfully hilarious look into the world of pre-teens / young teens as they jump to a much more complex puzzle. So many new pieces at one time can be extremely confusing.

One of my favorite quotes from the main character Greg is as follows, “I’ll be famous one day, but for now I am stuck in Middle School with a bunch of morons.” I think this sentiment is shared by a lot of people at many stages of our life. For now let’s focus on our Middle school years – things happened then that do affect us today. I just witnessed up close my own children go through those years. I absolutely believe my children’s lives were impacted by those few precious years. My daughter blossomed as a performer as she had many opportunities to put herself out on stage. But, more than that she attended different schools that opened her up to more diversity than she had known in elementary school. My son also had new challenges face him as many more doors were opened for him to walk through. As a parent I had to get over a lot of fears for them,”could they handle it? Was this too much?” If you are a parent, be careful not to dismiss how challenging their new puzzle is at that age.  Moms and dads need to have open eyes and ears.

My personal time in Middle School was a breeze compared to a lot of other people. But, dealing or rather, not dealing with my parent’s divorce did have an adverse effect on my life in High School – my Middle School puzzle looks pretty well put together. However, it was in Middle School that I began to perfect the art of wanting to look good. This idea of wanting to look good is a trait common to most of us, and it can weave a very tangled web. Much more on this later!

My piece that I want to get across today is this – who we are today and how you deal with your puzzle today can be very similar to who you were then and how you dealt with things then. Did you retreat when stressful events happened then…do you still avoid conflict? Did you fight, yell, or tantrum your way through difficulty then…is it the same today. At Life in Pieces, we desire to help every family, every individual grow to use their unique special gifts. For some of us growing out of our “middle school mentality” is the first step toward putting the right pieces in the right places. Remember, I belong and so do you!



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