A Piece from Ward…#3

Everyone I have ever met – no matter their belief system / faith (or no faith) – has had 4 basic components – Physical health, mental health, emotional health, and Spiritual health – these 4 are so inter-connected. And consider for a moment – how much of life – your life is so inter-connected. The Pieces of your life – family, grade school, little league, grandparents, neighbors, cousins, holidays, middle school, church, friendships, high school, sports teams, vacations, college, best friends, boyfriends/ girlfriends,  graduations, jobs, moving,  houses, children, grandchildren, more people/moves/jobs/houses/ ect, ect – and then there is loss – dreams, hopes, relationships, health issues, death…

All these pieces – all these moving pieces – and all of them require your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self – typically, having all of these in good working order – or what happens – what happens to the pieces? What happens when the pieces don’t fit? The relationship suffers or fails? The team loses? What happens when the puzzle comes together and it’s not the picture we wanted to see? And of course, the older we get the more complex and complicated the puzzle becomes (more detail on this in future posts).

This all requires more thought, more effort, more sacrifice, more love, more…humility. Because, typically, the more pieces you are trying to work on at one time in your life – the more people you are going to disappoint, hurt, and fail. We try to fit the wrong things into the wrong places. Struggle to communicate and connect with your children or spouse emotionally? Conflict with co-workers or your boss? More distant from your core beliefs? Life in Pieces…everyone goes through it – so it does not take much to scramble your well placed pieces.

You cannot control everyone…you cannot be in charge of all of the pieces. But, you can decide how you respond to the pain, or challenge, or mystery, or confusion of  your life – piece by piece. Let’s begin at the beginning…

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