A Piece from Ward…#2

A long time ago someone told me that the books I read and the company I keep would determine the person I would become. This was some good advice, which I passed on to others. Good company – good friends (too many to name) have made a profound impact on my life. They have helped me through trials and struggles…they have cheered my successes…they have listened to my problems and failures…they have kept me from stepping into more trouble. I will no doubt use the wisdom they have passed on as I share about my “puzzle” and how I am working on my Life In Pieces now. I hope to credit them, but if I fail to – remember my super power (I fall down a lot).

I also have had the joy of reading many books and acquiring several favorite authors who have helped my “puzzle” placement. I believe many of my best “puzzle piece placements” have been the result of great books – first for me is the Bible. There is no close second – for me. You may be reading this and have something else that guides you – if that is true, then be true to it. My greatest failures in life have typically come when I did not follow what I said I would.

Beyond the Bible – I do have many other encouraging, empowering, and exciting books that have shaped my desire to build others up and strengthen them in their journey. And in the last few years I have been led in various ways to develop some core principles that seemingly were waiting for Life In Pieces to come along so that they could have a place to build. So many of my posts and blogs will center on these themes – and how these will work together to build a balanced life, a healthy life, a fruitful life, a life that is in pieces – a life that is special, so special that it is ordinary – so ordinary that it is special…

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