A Piece from Ward…#1

We are so excited to launch Life In Pieces – it’s hard to put into words what this means to us as a family. I am so proud to be a part of this vision and dream, that honestly is Ellen’s heart overflowing into mine, Payton, and Ben’s. We want to share in this dream, this hope, this joy with as many as we can. We want to use whatever God will allow to serve others out of our strengths and weaknesses.

On the Life In Pieces homepage Ellen shares about the super powers we all have – the super power Ellen and I share is our ability to fall down…and get back up. We have fallen down so many times in our lives – sometimes we were tripped up by life, situations, and chance…sometimes we blew it ourselves all on our own doing –and fell flat on our face! But somehow – with God, with family, with friends…we have managed to get back up again. And we see more than ever the desire to grow, heal, and help others do the same.

So, what does Life in Pieces mean? Well, Ellen says it beautifully in her blog this week – but from my perspective it is a little different for every person according to their individual path. Everyone is working on their life – piece by piece – and most of us are working on many pieces at once. So, I see this as a puzzle that we are constantly working on – sometimes it gets messed up, we start over, realize we had the wrong piece in the wrong place (probably because we tried to jam it in there). We know that solving the puzzle, is temporary because the pieces in our lives change shape, form, and direction with time.

The over-arching idea was born from a desire to help families offer their strengths and special gifts to the community. We want to love and support those who are loving and supporting special needs family members. The opportunity for community fellowship and a symbiotic connection between families with and without special needs who have so much to bring to every neighborhood and city. The puzzle piece is the worldwide sign for Autism but the more we (Especially Ellen) talked, dreamed, and prayed, the more we realized everyone is living out their “Life in Pieces”. We are both bursting at the seams with things to share and dreams for the future – we are just getting started – and we hope we can be a source of inspiration, nourishment, hope and love that will feed you and your family. We are not trying to solve anyone’s puzzle – just strengthen and encourage you as you put your pieces together day by day…

4 thoughts on “A Piece from Ward…#1

    1. Julie

      This is so great. I love & agree with the idea that we are all trying to put it together, piece by piece. And I love your hearts to support those who support others. Ahhhhhh is what many will say.


  1. Jackie

    Loved it!
    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Herbert & kids, for your love, your joy, your unity & kind service to the world one piece @ a time!
    This makes me feel excited along with you to gratefully & hopefully place my own piece of the puzzle too, particularly in helping solve our national healthcare problem (and globally too)….starting with myself.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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